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book reviews by year 3 students

by Juan Francisco

"Mammals is a none fiction book with lots of information of mammals and it's very interesting.
There are lots of sections like the first one that is called INTRODUCTING MAMMALS. That section tells all about mammals.After it starts to tell about other mammals like elephants or bears. Mammals don't lay eggs like snakes and don't eat them. Mammals can have pouches but they are still mammals. "

by María Paz E
"I like the book LA ESCOBA DE LA VIUDA because the book is very interesting. I like la escoba de la viuda because it is very funny. And I like it because is not so interesting but I like it."

Harry Potter and the philosopher stone
by Nicolás

external image Harry%20Potter%20001.jpg external image como%20dibujar%20una%20princesa%20001.jpgHow to make a Princess by Doménica